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Slip and Fall Safety and Prevention

Slip and Fall Prevention with Safety Direct America   At Safety Direct America, the anti-slip floor superstore, we are here to supply our customers with various products that act as slippery floor solutions.   A slip and fall in the work place is the last thing anyone needs. Not only can a person be severely […]

4 Uses for Glow in the Dark Tape

4 Uses for Glow in the Dark Tape Safety Direct America is the slip and fall expert in the Americas specializing in slip testing, slip resistant coatings, and anti-skid floor treatment. We also supply self-adhesive anti-slip tapes to bolster our slippery floor solutions. One unique type of tape we sell is glow in the dark. […]


Anti-Slip Floor Paint & Sealer What is FlexDuraCote and how can it help you? FlexDuraCote is both a paint and sealer, that creates an anti-slip surface. Safety Direct America offers FlexDuraCote in 9 different colors to allow our customers to customize the appearance of their surface with a specific color of their choice, while also […]

Protecting Your Restaurant Employees from a Slip and Fall

Creating a Safer Restaurant Kitchen Be it a fast food franchise or a Michelin-rated restaurant, a safe environment is imperative for an efficient business. The one hazard to any restaurant employee is the floor.  Grease and food particles land on the floor every day and when mixed with cooks moving about the kitchen, it is […]

The Importance of Slip Resistance Testing for Your Business

One Vital Aspect All Business Owners Should Never Forget Business owners have a myriad of tasks to cover before they start operations. One of those aspects includes the safety of all of those who will enter the premises. The main cause of workplace accidents are slips and falls, and business owners are responsible for the […]

Preventing Nighttime Slips and Falls in Your Home

The Dangers of the Dark Slips and falls in the home occur every day. The chances of their happening increase in the evening. Since visibility is lower in the dark, the chances of a misstep are more likely to occur. There are measures you can take to ensure your home is safe to navigate once […]