The Importance of Slip Resistance Testing for Your Business

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One Vital Aspect All Business Owners Should Never Forget

Business owners have a myriad of tasks to cover before they start operations. One of those aspects includes the safety of all of those who will enter the premises.
The main cause of workplace accidents are slips and falls, and business owners are responsible for the safety of all employees and customers.
Before opening the doors, business owners must take the proper precautions to ensure that their flooring is safe to walk on.

Slip Resistance Testing for Your Business

Prior to opening your doors, it is imperative that you test the flooring of your business. Also referred to as floor friction testing, the test is best done by a professional who thoroughly tests your flooring to ensure it meets the minimum safety requirements for slip resistance.

It is best that a professional test the flooring due to the need for special equipment and specific testing which requires training and experience. A professional floor tester will also check the flooring in various states. Floors should be tested in when dry and if applicable, when wet. Results depend on several aspects such as the type of flooring and as stated before, the various states that a floor may be in. This gives a business owner a better idea of how the floor stand-up in terms of safety.

Another valuable aspect of having a professional test your floor is that they can offer their expert opinion about how to improve upon your flooring if necessary. There are various slip resistant measures you can take, from coating to tape, that will ensure your premises are as safe as they can be.

Slip resistance testing is also mandatory whenever a fall happens on the premises that might be blamed, fairly or not, on the floor. Again, a professional will come to perform the test to find if the fall was accidental or caused by inappropriate flooring or maintenance. Your defense lawyer or insurer should arrange and pay for this test.

Floor Resistance Testing

At Safety Direct America, we provide the testing services your business needs to ensure maximum safety for all those navigating your premises as well as your protection from frivolous lawsuits. For additional information about our services or slip resistant coatings, etc., please peruse our website You can cContact us today at (800)988-6721 for further information.


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