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Quoted slip resistance data on our web site are average values. It is up to the user to satisfy himself or herself that our products are suitable for the user’s situation. The seller cannot accept any liability for the use to which products are put, or the way in which they are used. Any recommendations from the seller are made in good faith but cannot override the obligation of the user to satisfy himself at all times as to the varying environmental conditions, standards of application and maintenance procedures that alter the properties of our materials or other materials with which they are expected to perform.

Although all our anti-slip tapes are designed for wet use, they are not intended to be constantly submerged, such as in the bottom of a pool.

For California residents, sales tax will be added to your total based on your location. For residents of all other states, sales tax is not due.



We take privacy seriously here at Safety Direct America. Your information will be kept completely private and all information collected by the ordering process will be used for filling your order only. We are completely PCI Compliant and make sure to keep our servers and transactions secure. Here is more detailed information on our Privacy Policy.



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