Floor Slip Resistance Tester Certification Course

We offer a certified training course in the use of slip resistance test instruments and the prevention of slip-related injuries, claims and losses. Our instructors have been trained in pendulum operation at the Wessex factory in the United Kingdom, and in BOT-3000E operation at the Regan Scientific factory. We are certified as an official floor slip resistance testing lab by the City of Los Angeles, one of the few governmental agencies in the country to give such certifications.

We have been using the pendulum since 2001, and our experts consulted with Regan Scientific in the development of the BOT-3000. Our company’s floor safety clients include the Montage Resort and Spa in Laguna Beach, CA; Outrigger Reef on the Beach Resort in Waikiki; Carnival Cruise Lines; Royal Caribbean International; Chanel and Cartier; Westfield Malls; John Wayne Airport; and others too numerous to mention. Our website and our blog discuss in detail our slip prevention products and services. Our President, George Sotter, P.E. Ph.D., is an experienced slip and fall expert witness in trials for both defense and plaintiff.

Schedule and Fees

The course is given over two days and can be scheduled at a mutually agreeable time. The two days can be consecutive or can be staggered (e.g. Friday and Monday, etc.) if that fits your purposes better.

The fee for the 16-hour training course for one trainee is US $1950. For additional trainees from the same organization at the same time the fee is $975 each. Payment is at least 14 days in advance and can be by check, wire transfer, or credit card.

Included are key reference materials including the book STOP Slip and Fall Accidents!, and two light lunches, per trainee. Transportation and lodging are not included. Graduates receive a letter from our company certifying that they have satisfactorily completed the course.

Transportation and Lodging

The nearest airport to our office is John Wayne-Orange County Airport (SNA) in Santa Ana, 16 miles from here. Los Angeles International is 55 miles, and Long Beach (36 miles), Ontario (45 miles) and San Diego Airports (73 miles) are also convenient.

The nearest hotels to our office are Fairfield Inn, Mission Viejo; Laguna Hills Lodge, Laguna Hills, CA; and The Hills Hotel, Laguna Hills. The environment in our area is pleasant all year, and there are many excellent seaside resorts within a 20-minute drive of here, including the Montage, St. Regis, Ritz Carlton, and Pelican Hills Resort.


We will attempt to accommodate in the course any special questions and concerns you may have specific to your work and clientele. The planned course work includes, but is not limited to,

Tribometer (slip tester) operation — theoretical and practical aspects, including hands-on use
References to support valid, defensible slip testing practices and safety standards
Floor cleaning, maintenance and treatments to improve and preserve slip resistance
Footwear and human factors and their role in slips and falls
Renovations: appropriate flooring specs for the flooring area’s use

In-house walkway safety program and documentation
Discouraging frivolous lawsuits
Clues to help detect fraudulent claims
Preparing to defend a case
Written and practical tests
Critique of the training course

The trainee(s) will learn not only how to prevent and detect hazardous conditions, but how to demonstrate that the organization has exercised due diligence, best possible practice, and done everything reasonable and practicable, to prevent slip and fall accidents. This can protect the organization from charges that their negligence caused or contributed to an injury of a guest, contractor, or employee. This diligence, together with appropriate documentation, is the key to preventing injuries, litigation and losses.