Non-Abrasive Anti-Slip Grip Tapes

Coarse Resilient Non-Abrasive Aqua-Safe Anti-Slip Tape

These non-abrasive anti-slip tapes are perfect for barefoot areas such as bathtubs, showers and pool areas. PHENOMENAL wet slip resistance for a non-abrasive anti-slip tape! More aggressive and slip resistant than our standard Aqua-Safe non-skid tape (below), but still water-safe. Ideal for ANY situation, but especially water applications such as pools, boats and showers that need to be very anti-slip. Click here for Abrasive Anti-Slip Tapes.

Coarse Resilient Anti-Slip Tape

6 inch x 24 inch rounded rectangular strip – $5.99
1 inch x 60 ft
2 inch x 60 ft
4 inch x 60 ft
32 inch x 60 ft
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Non-Abrasive Non-Skid Tape

Aqua-Safe Non-Abrasive Tape

Coarse Non-Abrasive Anti-Slip Tape

Coarse Non-Abrasive Tape

Standard Aqua-Safe tape (below) has good slip resistance for food prep areas and showers where cleanability is of the utmost importance, whereas our Coarse Resilient (above) has GREAT slip resistance for boats, pool decks, and other areas where slip resistance is of the utmost concern. Here is some more information on our non-abrasive and abrasive non-skid tapes and slip test data on them.

Aqua-Safe Non-Abrasive Anti-Slip Tape

Standard Aqua-Safe non-abrasive anti-slip tapes have an embossed surface, which are good for barefoot areas and food preparation areas. They are easier to clean and kinder on bare skin than our abrasive anti-slip tape. For areas that need great slip resistance, we always recommend our Coarse Resilient Aqua-Safe tape (above), as it has much better slip resistance.

Non-Abrasive Anti-Slip Tape colors

6 inch x 24 inch rounded rectangular strip – $4.99
1 inch x 60 ft
2 inch x 60 ft
4 inch x 60 ft
40 inch x 60 ft
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Cushion Grip Anti-Slip Tape

Cushion-Grip non-skid tapeCombines a cushioned surface with excellent slip-resistance in an anti-slip tape. Great grip tape for areas where workers may be standing for long periods of time, pool decks, and anywhere you could use some cushion as well as excellent non-skid without the tripping risk that mats can create. Available in gray only.

1 inch x 60 ft
2 inch x 60 ft
4 inch x 60 ft
24 inch x 60 ft
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Coarse Non-Abrasive Aqua-Safe Tub Stickers

Slippery tub solutions: we carry round white coarse non-abrasive Aqua-Safe tub stickers for making tubs and showers anti-slip.

Coarse Non-Abrasive White Aqua-Safe Anti-Slip Tub Stickers
Non-Skid Tub Stickers
Make your bathtub or shower safe! Fifty 1.5 inch tub stickers for $33.95Bathtub safety tub stickers
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Check out our abrasive anti-slip tapes as well! They are designed for wet use also.

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Glow in the Dark TapesGlow in the Dark Anti-Slip Tapes
Anti-slip tape orders can be ordered securely online, placed by phone (1-800-988-6721), or e-mail us with any questions. We have the best prices and the best abrasive -- durable aluminum oxide. All of our tapes are for indoor and outdoor wet area applications.

Samples of our anti-slip tapes can be sent to you. Most orders ship same day. Click here for more information and slip resistance test data on our various tape grit sizes.

Non-Skid tape payment types accepted

Don't see what you're looking for? We can cut you anti-slip tape in any size, color or shape you need from 3/4" up to 46" wide (give us 1-2 weeks to deliver custom orders.)

Custom non-skid tapes

We can also order the sorts of items pictured above from our factory ($100 minimum order), make custom colors (on orders of 10,000 square feet or more), cut them into custom shapes (minimum order of 100 pieces), and print whatever you want onto all of our anti-slip floor tapes.

We also carry aluminum-backed, conformable anti-slip tapes for diamond plate and other irregular surfaces, and bolt-down aluminum anti-slip plates with coarse anti-slip tape already applied.

We offer specially discounted anti-slip tapes that were cut to the wrong size for particular customers or are in discontinued colors. Get these non-skid tapes at a discount! We also carry photoluminescent/glow-in-the-dark egress marking tapes.

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