UniBond 120 Primer

For floors that can be difficult to coat with SolidStepCote Anti-Slip Floor Coating, we recommend using clear, colorless UniBond 120 bonding agent/primer. UniBond 120 is a single-component, single-coat moisture cure bonding agent and primer used to promote adhesion to difficult-to-bond surfaces such as glass, ceramic tiles, porcelain, steel, aluminum, brass, concrete and some plastics.

UniBond 120 Gallon Floor Primer

8 oz. – $22.95
Quart – $69.95
Gallon – $229.95
5 Gallon – $1099.75

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UniBond 120 is appropriate for use prior to the application of Liquiguard coatings (such as SolidStepCote) and coatings from other manufacturers on difficult-to-bond surfaces or in circumstances where the final coating is likely to encounter abrasion, exposure to oils and liquids or heavy traffic within the first 24 hours after application. Under such circumstances, the use of UniBond 120 will help to prevent de-lamination of the top coat from the substrate and other potential coating failures. Coverage is approximately 250 square feet per quart (1000 square feet per gallon), but porous surfaces may need more. Just wipe on with a microfiber cloth and allow to dry for a minute or so, and you’re done. Here is the SDS for Unibond 120.

UniBond 110 Surface Primer