Payment Page for Slip Resistance Testing Fees/Quoted Amounts

If you need to pay for one of the lab slip resistance tests which has a fixed price, use the blue buttons on that page to pay for those. If you also need to pay for a slip resistance test “rush fee” (an additional $100 per test for results in one business day), or if you need to pay for some field slip resistance testing, or any other amount given to you by us for our products or services, you can enter the custom amount below and click on one of the buttons to pay any amount necessary. You can pay by PayPal, or you can simply pay by credit card without having a PayPal account (no need to log in to Paypal if you’re just paying by credit card). Be sure to tell us what you’re paying for via email before or after you’ve made your payment. You can also send a check to the address below. Thanks!