British Pendulum Calibration Service

British pendulum calibration used to require sending your pendulum over to Europe for a few weeks or more. The pendulum needs to be calibrated annually, and we can calibrate your British pendulum dynamic coefficient of friction (DCOF) tester here at Sotter Engineering Corporation in California in a matter of a few business days. We were trained at the Wessex pendulum manufacturing facility in the United Kingdom many years ago, and since then have calibrated countless pendulums for British pendulum owners in several countries and states, including many governmental agencies.

Please call (949)933-6971 or email for details concerning British pendulum calibration here in the United States, or just pay below and send your pendulum to the address below. The price for pendulum calibration is $850.00, plus the cost of shipping to and from our lab (which preferably can be done on your FedEx or UPS account). This price assumes we won’t need to replace any broken or missing parts on the pendulum.

After two decades of using our pendulums daily across North America, and calibrating our two in-house pendulums annually, we were found to be one of the world’s most accurate pendulum test labs in a recent international research study. That makes us the perfect lab to calibrate your pendulum accurately and professionally. No one has more experience in the Americas with the pendulum tester than us. And experience matters.

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We calibrate pendulums using the latest calibration method published in 2021, the European/British pendulum test method BS EN 16165:2021, which superseded BS 7976-2:2002. The ASTM E303 calibration method has been found to be insufficient in this study called “Evaluation of Calibration Procedures of British Pendulum Tester” by W. Guo et al. Therefore, we do not use the ASTM E303 calibration method. The latest calibration method described in EN 16165 is much more precise than the E303 calibration procedure, and it leads to more precision with your annually calibrated pendulum. We complete the pendulum calibration procedure in a matter of a few business days (in most cases) with our decades of training and experience calibrating British Pendulum testers, which includes verifying the instrument is working correctly with the three standard verification surfaces described in BS EN 16165.

Send your pendulum to our lab for calibration at:

Sotter Engineering Corporation, John C Sotter, 26705 Loma Verde, Mission Viejo, CA 92691 USA. Phone: (949)933-6971 E-mail:

british pendulum tester calibration
Get your British Pendulum Calibrated in the USA today! It should be calibrated annually.
penduulum dcof tester calibration rig
Pendulum Calibration Rig used in calibration procedure