Professional DIY Anti-Slip Floor Treatment Products

Below you’ll find do-it-yourself (DIY) anti-slip floor treatment products that you or your crew would apply yourselves to create an anti-slip floor on your slippery tile or concrete. If you’re looking for an anti-slip floor treatment solution that is professionally applied and then tested (with a certified written slip resistance test report delivered to you after the treatment is complete), just click on Professionally Applied Anti-Slip Floor Treatment to go to that page.

SDA offers two non-abrasive DIY anti-slip solutions for professional use on commercial/industrial floors. They are:

  • RED-X™ One-time biodegradable wet slip enhancement for matte or semi-matte finish mineral-based flooring (ceramic tile, natural stone, and concrete).
  • Friction™ Routine maintenance cleaner/polisher to enhance and maintain slip resistance for floors that are predominantly dry in use. Not for outdoor flooring. A certified “high traction” product.

For commercial customers, if you send us a sample of the flooring (e.g. approximately one square foot) we will be happy to treat it with the product of interest and send you test results at no charge. Pack the sample well and include your name, company name, address, name of the sample, name of the treatment wanted, and an Email address. Send to SDA Laboratory, 26705 Loma Verde, Mission Viejo, CA 92691.

To order any of these products, please phone 1-800-988-6721 with credit card information. Shipments are normally by Fed Ex Ground from our warehouse near Cincinnati, Ohio.


Do-It-Yourself anti-slip floor treatment for areas that get wet in use. Creates a non-skid surface with little or no change to the appearance of the floor!

Price: $98.00 per gallon (treats 400-599 sq ft at about $0.19/sq ft) plus shipping – FOB Walton, KY.

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Red-X Anti-Slip Floor Treatment Product

RED-X™ is formulated without harmful acids. The tread pattern it creates cannot be discerned with the human eye but when wet the increased traction creates a much safer floor to walk on. RED-X™ has been commercially applied to increase wet slip resistance on over 9 million square feet of flooring around the globe. Apply Red-X and agitate for up to 45 minutes, then remove and rinse. For a step-by-step video demonstration of the application, please see the “Red-X Application Instructions” video to the right of this page. Here’s the SDS (or MSDS) and TDS.

  1. Easy to use and simple to apply by your staff without special equipment
  2. Just use straight from the bottle
  3. Before application of Red-X™, clean the floor as usual
  4. Little or no change to the surface appearance
  5. No color change; No burnt surface; No white residue
  6. Can be used indoors or outdoors
  7. Rejuvenates old and worn tiles
MainTain™ Floor Cleaner is used after treatment with RED-X™ to maintain the slip resistance during the daily cleaning process. MainTain™ deep cleans and reduces slips and falls on quarry tile, ceramic tile, concrete and other hard floor surfaces. It works to increase and maintain the coefficient of friction of floors, making work areas much safer when wet. It is NSF & USDA approved for use in food production areas. Contact us by phone or email for more information. Price: four gallons for $146.00.

Because of the low price of Maintain, our regular shipping rates do not apply. PLEASE ORDER BY PHONE at 1-800-988-6721 using your credit card and (if you wish) your Fed Ex or UPS account number for collect shipping. If we pay for shipping we’ll quote you the rate before making the charge. A four-gallon case of Maintain weighs 38 lb and shipping is from our warehouse in zip code 41094 (Kentucky).

MainTain™ Floor Cleaner

For routine cleaning of vinyl tile (VCT), marble, hardwoods, hard shine epoxy, finished (“waxed”) floors, granite, and other floors that are predominantly dry in use. Can help prevent even those slips that are caused by very hard shoe bottoms, e.g. stiletto heels or hard plastic outsoles. Friction® can be used in a walk-behind auto-scrubber, mop-bucket, spray-buffed, or in the new aerosol spray can. UL listed as to slip resistance. Certified by National Floor Safety Institute as High Traction. Here’s the MSDS.

Friction™ is available in two forms: concentrated detergent and aerosol spray. The spray is useful for treating small areas. Just spray on, allow a few minutes to dry, and the floor is ready to use. One can covers up to 600 sq ft. Reapplication frequency depends on foot traffic, could be 2 days for busy commercial areas, much less for very low traffic. Here’s a video demonstration.

Friction spray-on anti-slip floor treatmentFriction anti-slip floor treatment
Price of Aerosol spray: $69.95 per case of six-14-oz cans FOB Walton, KY. Applied as spray straight from the can.Price of concentrated form: $47.00 per gallon – $188.00 per case of 4 gallons (1 gallon cleans and treats up to 15,000 sq ft at about $0.003/sq ft).
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