Handrail Anti-Slip Grip Tape

Self-adhesive, non-abrasive anti-slip handrail grip tape can provide valuable safety against slips and falls in high-risk areas at a very low cost. Wrap your handrail with this non-skid handrail tape for added safety and comfort when gripping handrails.

Our low prices for 60-foot rolls of this handrail grip tape are:

1″ wide x 60′ $29.89

2″ x 60′ is $55.89

4″ x 60′ is $99.96

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H3418 Heskins Handrail Grip Tape

To apply, just make sure the handrail surface is clean and dry. For the COVID-19 and flu seasons, where necessary the tapes can be sanitized in use using most cleaners, alcohol, bleach or almost any other commercial cleaning product.

These anti-slip handrail grip tapes are PVC with an embossed pattern on the surface. A base-layer of PET (polyethene terephthalate) is added underneath for better insulation during the cold months, yet hey are quite thin (0.035″). The glue is very strong and durable, and these handrail grip tapes are therefore designed for years of indoor or outdoor use.

Handrail Grip Tape - H3418 Anti-Slip

Close-up of handrail grip tape

Here are some options for applying this handrail grip tape:

1. Tight spiral. Gives nearly 100 percent coverage. No stopping installation to cut pieces is necessary.

2. Horizontal. The tape is applied lengthways along the top of the railing. The video illustrates. 

3. Spaced spiral. This makes the material go farther but is only recommended for internal areas — some of the bare railing will still be exposed. 

Our H3418 handrail grip tapes are “FAR certified” for aircraft use.