Slip Resistance Test Data for Anti-Slip Floor Coatings

SparkleTuff™ Anti-Slip Floor Coating:

This anti-slip floor coating exceeds the safety criterion of every reliable slip test, in the USA and abroad. When wet, the slip resistance of SparkleTuff™ is as shown in this table:

Slip Resistance Test Data for SparkleTuff Anti-Slip Floor Coating

When tested dry with the pendulum, SparkleTuff™ has the same slip resistance as an NBA basketball floor as specified by ASTM. When tested dry using ASTM C 1028 apparatus and a leather slider, SparkleTuff™ had a static coefficient of friction of 0.85. Tested with the BOT-3000E dry with a leather slider, its SCOF was 0.77. Both are well above the minimum of 0.50 required of a floor finish, polish or “wax” under ASTM D 2047, which is a dry test using a leather slider.

Because it has sustainable wet slip resistance, SparkleTuff™ Anti-Slip Floor Coating retains good dry and wet slip resistance even after hundreds of thousands of people have walked across it.

SolidStepCote Anti-Slip Floor Coating:

  • Tested using ANSI A137.1 test method with SBR (hard) rubber and the BOT-3000. The safety criterion we’re looking for in this test (for indoor level floors) is 0.42 or greater. When tested, SSC 02 was 0.47, SSC 03 was 0.53, and SSC 04 was 0.51.
  • Tested using the ANSI A137.1 test method but with TRL (soft) rubber and the BOT-3000 (this rubber is representative of bare feet, as well as athletic shoes) – SSC 02 was 0.44, SSC 03 was 0.58, and SSC 04 was 0.60. Static coefficient of friction (SCOF) testing for SSC 03 using the ANSI B101.1 and the BOT-3000 was 0.93 SCOF compared to a 0.60 minimum for level floors, and 0.80 for inclines.
  • Tested using the pendulum and the standard test method endorsed by the Ceramic Tile Institute of America (CTIOA) and Four S (standard shoe sole simulating) rubber, SSC 02 was 49, SSC 03 was 52, and SSC 04 was 51. The safety criterion for this test is 36 or greater.
  • According to the more comprehensive and stringent Australian pendulum slip test criterion in HB 198:2014, the pendulum test results above would make all three SolidStepCote grit sizes appropriate for lobbies, tubs, showers, outdoor walkways and ramps, swimming pool decks, balconies, carports, etc., etc., etc.

Below is a summary of the dynamic test data quoted above. All the coatings passed the level-floor safety criteria in all cases.

Anti-Slip coatings slip resistance test results

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