Pool Safety Hazards


Celebrating the Summer Season, Safely

The weather has warmed up and everyone is heading out to the pool. Individuals can get so caught up in the thrill of going for a dip that they throw caution to the wind and forget about their safety. As we all know, running on pool decks is highly discouraged by lifeguards, as so many pool decks can be slippery when wet.

Pool owners, both residential and commercial, understand the importance of pool safety. Safety can only be assured through identifying pool hazards and fixing them. To help keep your summer free from trips to the emergency room, here’s a list of the common pool hazards and solutions.

Common Pool Hazards and Fixes

Children are sometimes prone to mischief and are faster than we parents sometimes realize. When they break away from their guardians, children will make a beeline towards the water which can lead to a horrifying accident.

A gate and fence surrounding the pool will make all the difference. The fence should be at least 5 feet tall and difficult to climb over. Be sure that a locking mechanism is in place on the gate that is child-proof so the area is only accessible by adults.

Everyone who has been to a public pool has heard the lifeguard yelling “Walk, please! No running!” Swimmers often assume pool decks will not be slippery when wet and will scurry around the pool even with posted signs and constant verbal reminders.

Applying an anti-slip coating to the pool deck if it was not originally designed for excellent slip resistance is a great solution. For instance, our FlexDuraCote is a colored anti-slip coating that provides excellent slip resistance with many attractive colors to choose from. The coating also acts as a sealer which will not allow water to penetrate into subflooring and cracks in the old pavement.

Anti-Slip Coatings for Your Pool

At Safety Direct America, we provide a variety of anti-slip coatings and non-skid treatments for various parts of your home and business. We hope that you look to us this summer to keep your family, guests, and customers safe when they’re taking a dip in your pool.

For more information about our anti-skid treatments and floor slip resistance testing services, please be sure to visit our website. Alternatively, you can reach us by telephone at 800.988.6721. We look forward to helping you make your pool safe for lots of summer fun in the sun.