Article published in The Construction Specifier magazine talks slip resistance

John C. Sotter and George Sotter of Safety Direct America were published in the July issue of The Construction Specifier magazine with an article talking about floor slip resistance and keeping floors safe for pedestrians. The article talks about the latest International Building Code (IBC) requirements for slip resistance, and its limitations as far as choosing an appropriate flooring material for various situations. The article recommends which slip test methods are based on actual slip and fall research, and how to go about getting reliable slip resistance testing done on flooring samples BEFORE they are in place on your property and causing accidents. Ways of keeping slippery floors dry are also discussed, as well as other juicy tid-bits about slippery floors and testing floors for slipperiness.

Click here to read the article in the July 2016 issue of The Construction Specifier

We are the leaders in providing reliable information on floor slip resistance testing methods and standards for specifiers, architects, building managers and owners, tile manufacturers, and everyone else involved in the hard flooring industry. We love what we do, and we’re happy to be at the forefront of the fight to keep people out of emergency rooms due to improperly chosen flooring materials.

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Construction Specifier magaize article - slip and fall

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