Top 10 Ways of Preventing Slips

Here’s a countdown of some of the most simple and cost-effective ways of stopping slip and fall accidents.

10. Post warnings when and where appropriate.

9. Use solings appropriate to the situation.

8. Chemically etch or grind concrete if it’s too smooth.

7. Make sure stairs comply with your local building code, and that nosings are easy to see (even by a visually impaired person).

6. Specify appropriate slip resistance for new flooring.

5. Use mats and rugs (with non-trip edges) in sensitive areas.

4. Apply abrasive tapes or abrasive coatings.

3. Maintain documented surveillance of potentially slippery areas, and clean up spills before anyone falls.

2. Trap rain, mud, and snow at the entrance.

1. Chemically treat floors that are slippery wet.

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