Anti-Slip Floor Treatment

We offer two options for anti-slip floor treatment. There’s a treatment WE apply (below), and DIY anti-slip floor treatment chemicals YOUR cleaning crew would apply. Non-Slip 21 (below) is an anti-slip floor treatment that we would apply to your slippery flooring and then provide certified testing afterwards for your records. If you are outside of the southern California area, having us treat your floors could be costly as we must travel to your location. We do have clients utilizing this service all over the country, but you may be looking for a cheaper solution. In that case, have a look at our do-it-yourself anti-slip floor treatment products, which is where you would buy the chemicals and then have your cleaning crew apply them, saving you possibly substantial money to anti-slip your floors. Both solutions work great and will provide you with a much more anti-slip floor!

Non-Slip 21: Anti-Slip Floor Treatment Services for Slippery Floors and Baths

The Non-Slip 21 process is a transparent, non-abrasive, professionally applied, tested and monitored anti-slip floor treatment for use in commercial/institutional/industrial properties to minimize risks of slips & falls. It’s the only anti-slip floor treatment endorsed by Ceramic Tile Institute of America and it has a track record of passing quarterly slip resistance tests for five years and more. Your anti-slip floor or bathtub/shower will retain its beauty while significantly increasing its safety.

Non-Skid Floor Treatment photos

The difference (microscopically):
Microphotos of anti-slip floor treatments

Non-Slip 21 anti-slip floor treatment creates a transparent, anti-slip honeycomb structure on top of the surface to create better traction and suction (in wet conditions), drastically improving the slip resistance. Our certified slip resistance testing will provide you with periodic legal documentation of the continued safety of your anti-slip floors. Test reports are signed and stamped by a registered professional engineer.

Non-Skid Floor Treatment location photos

In the past fifteen years, Non-Slip 21 non-skid floor treatment has been used to anti-slip floors in the 7-star Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai, numerous cruise ships, airports, restaurants, prestigious health clubs and more. Since Non-Slip 21 does not alter the appearance of your tile, it is suitable for use on granite, marble, terrazzo, wood, concrete, and almost any slippery tile. Read what our happy anti-slip floor treatment customers from around the world have said.

Advantages of Non-Slip 21 anti-slip floor safety treatment:

  • Minimizes slip and fall accident risk
  • Suitable for most granite, glazed and unglazed ceramic tiles, PVC, limestone, slate, terrazzo, concrete, terracotta, epoxy, linoleum, marble, thermoplastic and many other floor surfaces
  • Endorsed by Ceramic Tile Institute of America (CTIOA). This is the only anti-slip floor treatment that CTIOA endorses.
  • Professionally applied and tested non-skid floor treatment; five-year warranty with paid monitoring
  • Monitored quarterly to confirm that anti-slip floor treatment is still effective in making yours an anti-slip floor, providing proof of due diligence in slip and fall prevention and eliminating the need for guesswork on your part
  • Non-Slip 21 anti-slip floor treatment can give coefficient of friction (grip, slip resistance, or traction) levels that are safer in wet or dry conditions
  • Cost-effective slip and fall prevention
  • Non-toxic and not a culture medium (important for hospitals, kitchens, food & other bacteriologically sensitive areas)
  • Ready for pedestrian or vehicular traffic in under three minutes from application, reducing trading or manufacturing down time to a minimum
  • Potential reduction in insurance premiums or self-insured losses with a non-skid floor
  • Suitable to make exterior & interior flooring anti-slip
The Non-Slip 21 anti-slip flooring process does not damage or acid-etch the flooring. It is a topical coating developed in England by Safety Direct Global. It’s warranted for five years, provided that Safety Direct America or its qualified subcontractor does slip resistance tests on it quarterly, using the Tortus digital tribometer (see photo), throughout the warranty period. For this reason, the process is most suited to commercial and industrial properties. The floor retains its durability and architectural value. Non-Slip 21 anti-slip floor treatment is food-safe, which is important for restaurants, hotel kitchens, fast food outlets, supermarkets, etc. Tortus slip testing

Anti-slip your floor to:

  • Prevent human suffering and possibly premature death that too often results from complications of surgery and infection after a fall on a slippery floor
  • Avoid costly, time-consuming slip and fall lawsuits
  • Minimize liability insurance premiums, workers’ compensation costs and production losses
  • Increase customer confidence and employee productivity
  • Comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA Section 4.5.1) and local building codes, which require anti-slip floor surfaces