4 Uses for Glow in the Dark Tape

Photoluminescent Egress Tape

4 Uses for Glow in the Dark Tape

Safety Direct America is the slip and fall expert in the Americas specializing in slip testing, slip resistant coatings, and anti-skid floor treatment. We also supply self-adhesive anti-slip tapes to bolster our slippery floor solutions. One unique type of tape we sell is glow in the dark. Here are 4 uses for our glow in the dark safety tapes.

Evacuating a Building Using Floor Grip Tape

Workplace safety is of utmost importance for its employees. Even though they spend most of their day inside, it may not mean they know the building inside and out. So when there is a blackout caused by either a power outage or an emergency, glow in the dark safety tape can lead people to where they need to go. Laying down glow in the dark anti-slip (non-skid) floor tape will make sure that employees will not only be able to see where they are going but also ensure that they will not slip when evacuating the building. Our non-skid tape comes with a hazard stripe option which will alert people that there is a wall or stairs beside it and to proceed with caution.

Haunted House

Glow in the dark tape glows green which lends itself to a lot of haunted house ideas. You can lay tape on the wall to make many different patterns including spiders, witch’s cap, and spider webs. Stick anti-slip adhesives down on the floor to make a guided path for haunted house wanderers to walk along. You can also wrap items to make every day items feel spooky. Glow in the dark egress tape is the recommended type we supply for walls and to mark exits because it glows for 24 hours.  20-minute egress tape is also available if you don’t need it for 24 hours, such as if your building is quite small and can be evacuated quickly in an emergency.

Safety Marks at Home

Similar to the workplace, glow in the dark safety tape can be used at home to guide children and the elderly around the house when it’s dark at night or if there is a blackout. Lay tape along the base of the wall to show where a wall ends and where there are stairs or steps ahead. Short strips can be used to find drawers in case you store an emergency kit there. Our non-skid tape in plain or egress tape works best in this setting.

Bike Decorating

Bikes are equipped with reflectors for night riding, but what if you want to illuminate the entire body? For recreational night-riding with fellow bike riders, you can wrap 24 hour glow in the dark egress tape around the frame of your bike for full visibility at night and style.  Our anti-slip tape is rechargeable by natural or artificial sources.