Introducing SparkleTuff™ Anti-Slip Floor Coating

For over a decade, we have been on the search for a totally non-slip and very glossy floor coating that could help people who have had the misfortune of installing slippery tiles, or those who have slippery tubs or showers. We’ve seen several attempts over the years in our floor slip resistance testing business, but we never came across one that was truly tough, totally anti-slip, super durable, and really glossy. So we worked with a coatings chemist for nearly two years to develop an exclusive product that lives up to our wildest dreams of what a floor coating can do. We are proud and excited to introduce SparkleTuff™ Anti-Slip Floor Coating to the world! Looks great — no slips™!!

This product is ideal for supermarket produce areas, which are expected to get wet or damp in use. It’s ideal for shopping malls, where appearance is of the utmost concern. It’s perfect for slippery bathtubs and showers. It’s ideal for stadiums, where beverages are often spilled, rain is tracked in, and the flooring must be easily cleanable with autoscrubbers. SparkleTuff™ Anti-Slip Floor Coating is easy to clean, very glossy and sparkly under certain light conditions, extremely durable and long-lasting, and very anti-slip wet or dry. It’s been tested using every known reliable slip resistance test, and it easily passes every single one of them.

SparkleTuff Anti-Slip Floor Coating SparkleTuff Anti-Slip looks fantastic too! It reflects light, but is invisible when it’s not directly reflecting lights. It sparkles. It has a wet and glossy look that customers love. Floors can easily be swept or broomed or cleaned with a brush on an autoscrubber for easy maintenance and an incredibly beautiful look for your floors.

This non-slip floor coating can last for many years, depending on the amount and type of traffic on it. It passes the McDonalds Restaurants test for Sustainable Slip Resistance. But when it’s visibly worn, near a busy entrance for example, a new coat can be applied right on top of the worn section quickly and easily.

The coating only requires 6-8 hours of curing time for light foot traffic. A chemical reaction continues to harden the coating for around 48 hours, leaving it so tough that it can withstand all kinds of abuse and traffic. This stuff is the latest, most durable clear floor coating available today, though, so unless you’ve got a million people walking over your floors annually, SparkleTuff™ is gonna last for many years with low maintenance — saving building owners tons of money in stripping and re-coating costs.

SparkleTuff™ Anti-Slip Floor Coating is the absolute BEST in glossy anti-slip floor solutions. Looks great — no slips!™ Exclusively from Safety Direct America.

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