Slip and Fall Safety and Prevention

Slip and Fall Prevention with Safety Direct America



At Safety Direct America, the anti-slip floor superstore, we are here to supply our customers with various products that act as slippery floor solutions.


A slip and fall in the work place is the last thing anyone needs. Not only can a person be severely injured, but also should they sue, it could be a massive cost to the business. At Safety Direct America we make it easy for businesses to get their floors slip tested and we are a one-stop-shop for all your slip and fall floor solutions.


To prevent slip and falls, you should act before something bad happens. At Safety Direct America, we offer anti-slip tapes, anti-slip floor coatings, and anti-slip floor treatments, which will prevent future slip and falls.


Anti-Slip Tapes

Each of the tapes we offer are easy to apply and quickly transform a dangerous slippery situation into a safe and secure area. Every single one of our anti-slip tapes are great for wet situations and are perfect for either indoor or outdoor use. Our slip and fall preventative tapes come in the following colors: Black Standard, Red, Yellow Standard, Blue, Beige, Green, Grey, Brown, Gritty Clear, Fluorescent Yellow, Black/Yellow Hazard, Red/White Hazard, and White. (Orders over $120 ship free. We also provide express shipping)


Anti-Slip Floor Coatings

We offer three different types of DIY paint-on anti-slip abrasive floor coatings. The first is SparkleTuff™ Anti-Slip that is a clear and glossy paint, which provides you with an extremely long-lasting, anti-slip floor coating. SparkleTuff™ Anti-Slip is extremely effective in preventing any slips or falls in either wet or dry conditions on: tile, marble, granite, wood, vinyl, mosaic, tubs, showers, pool decks, boats, ramps, and much more! To learn more about our other two DIY paint-on abrasive anti-slip floor coatings, click here.


Anti-Slip Floor Treatments

At Safety Direct America, we provide our clients with Non-slip 21 service, which is an anti-slip floor treatment that our experts will apply directly to your slippery flooring. The process of Non-Slip 21 is perfect for any properties that want to minimize the risks of slips and falls as much as possible, while not marring the beauty of their flooring. Non-Slip 21 is both transparent and non-abrasive, so that the treatment does not affect the appearance of the floor, it just makes it much safer.


To learn more about how you can prevent slip and falls on your property, please call 1(800)988-6721 or email with any of our questions.