Preventing Nighttime Slips and Falls in Your Home

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The Dangers of the Dark

Slips and falls in the home occur every day. The chances of their happening increase in the evening. Since visibility is lower in the dark, the chances of a misstep are more likely to occur. There are measures you can take to ensure your home is safe to navigate once the sun has set.

Preventing Falls in the Home

Install More Lighting

Visibility is key when maneuvering around your home in the evening. If your lighting is too dim then increase the light bulb wattage, add more lights to your home, and/or install nightlights in every room.

For areas where electricity is not available, add glow in the dark tape that lasts at least 12 hours.  Use small pieces of this tape to mark an emergency path out during power cuts due to emergencies. Remember the panicked New Yorkers groping their way downstairs in total darkness on 9/11!

Install CO and smoke detectors

In a fire, panic can cause falls if there’s not enough time to get out calmly. You should have smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in every bedroom and hall of your home. That’s the law in many cities now. Battery-operated detectors are available for about $15, last for 10 years with no battery change, and can save lives!

Remove Clutter from Your Path

Remove furniture and other items that block your pathway. Pay special attention to high-traffic areas such as the hallway and entrances to other rooms. Low furniture such as a small coffee table and cords could cause you to fall in the dark.

Check Flooring and Carpeting

Check your area and throw rugs for curled edges and bulges. Secure rugs that have curled with non-slip backing.

Inspect your home flooring to ensure that it is free from tripping hazards such as tears. If you find tears in your carpeting or linoleum or loose floorboards, have it replaced or repaired. In the interim, cover tears in your flooring with a throw rug.

Wear the Right Slippers and Socks

Many people walk around their home in socks and slippers to keep their feet warm. If they do not have the proper traction on the soles then they are a slip hazard. Choose footwear that has enough grip to prevent falling as you navigate around your home.

Check Your Eyesight and Medication

As we grow older, our eyesight is not what it used to be. Dulling eyesight is worse in the evenings when the light is dim. When you can barely make out shapes in front of you, it is easy to bump into furniture or miss a step.

If you are prone to falling, look at the warning on your medications. Side effects of some medication include dizziness which can lead to falls.

Anti-Slip Grip Tape

For all of your anti-slip needs, such as anti-slip grip tape, look to Safety Direct America.

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