2017 Flooring Trends

Looking at Flooring Samples

Flooring Trends to Try

Flooring styles come and go, but a few have remained classics throughout the years. Although red shag carpet is definitely not in, hardwood flooring has always been a sought-after look.

Here are some of the top 2017 flooring trends to keep your eye out for and incorporate into your home:

  1. Luxury vinyl. Vinyl is making a comeback, but not the peel-and-stick stuff you might be thinking of. Luxury vinyl combines the beautiful and high-end look of wood or stone with the easy maintenance and durability that vinyl is known for.
  1. Tile. Tile has been around for a while, but over the last little bit, it has made a big comeback in a big way. 12” x 12” tiles are no longer what people are looking for. Large-format tiles are what’s in style, even tiles as large as 36” x 36”.
  1. Wood. Hardwood flooring is classic and beautiful. Whether blond or dark, it’s a well-loved look. While hardwood is still in, reclaimed wood floors are quickly climbing in popularity as well. Whether you choose to use old barn wood or wood from wine barrels, the vintage, weathered look is captivating.
  1. Concrete. Another flooring that has gained popularity in the last little bit is concrete. Although traditionally used in the garage or industrial plants, with so many color and texture options, concrete has become a chic statement flooring option.
  1. Cork. Cork is known for its amazing acoustic qualities. In addition to that, though, it is also more comfortable to walk on than hardwood and tile flooring. With so many diverse options for color and finishes, cork is more durable and popular than ever.

Keeping it Safe

No matter what kind of hard flooring you choose to put in your home or business, it’s important to keep both the flooring and you safe. Hard floors can be slippery and cause injuries if not properly taken care of. That’s why we provide anti-slip flooring solutions.

Whether you want to cover your entire floor or simply need anti-slip tape for small areas, we have you covered. From SparkleTuffTM Anti-Slip Floor Coating, which will help make your floor shine while keeping your family from slipping, to DIY treatments that will have no effect on the appearance of your floor, but give you extra grip, we have the solution.

Contact us today with any questions you may have or place your order and get protection for yourself and your floor.