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The Importance of Reliable Floor Slip Resistance Testing

Floor slip resistance testing is an essential process for ensuring safety in public spaces, workplaces, and homes. It helps to identify the level of slip resistance (or COF) of a floor surface, which is crucial in preventing injuries resulting from avoidable slips and falls. The most common floor slip resistance testing technique around the world […]

America’s Floor Slip Resistance Testing Experts

We’ve tested flooring for the dynamic coefficient of friction (DCOF) and slip resistance all over North America and beyond for around 1,000 individual clients so far as America’s leading independent third-party certified floor friction test lab. We don’t lie in court for slip and fall lawyers (like those who mainly use the Brungraber Mark IIIB, […]

ADA Slip Resistance Requirements

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires that floors accessible to disabled persons be “slip-resistant”, but does not define what that means. Apparently it’s up to property owners and the courts to decide. But there is a reliable way of assessing slip resistance that is recognized the world over to help comply with ADA slip […]

Safety Direct America Calibrates Pendulum Skid Testers from Far and Wide

Like any scientific or engineering instrument, the pendulum skid tester (also sometimes called the British pendulum or pendulum slip tester) should be calibrated at least once annually. Safety Direct America, a subsidiary of Sotter Engineering Corporation, is the leading calibrator of pendulum skid testers in the Americas. We calibrate the pendulum using the latest British […]

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Suggested Specifications for Lifetime Slip Resistance of Flooring

When we’re buying new automobile tires we’d like to know not only that the tires are good at the time of purchase, but that they will have a reasonably long lifetime for us. Michelin, for instance, offers models with mileage warranties (within a time limit) from 36,000 to 80,000 miles. When buying slip-resistant flooring, customers […]

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Slip Resistance Safety for Industrial and Commercial Areas

Minimum wet slip resistance values (as wet Pendulum Test Values) for safety in many publicly accessible areas are listed elsewhere on this blog. But what about industrial areas used for very slippery operations like meat or fish processing, making mayonnaise or refining cooking oils, and for aircraft repair hangars? Guidance for these, recommended since 1999, […]

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Germany’s DIN 51130 Slip Test: What’s it Good For?

In Europe, a slip resistance test for flooring is prescribed by German Institute for Normalization (DIN) standard DIN 51130. A person wearing industrial-type treaded shoes walks, facing down slope, on a variable-angle ramp which has the flooring to be tested on it. The flooring is coated with motor oil. The walker (without holding the handrails) […]

SlipAlert Dynamic Floor Friction (DCOF) Test Instrument for $2380!

The SlipAlert dynamic coefficient of friction (DCOF) tester has been in wide use for many years but now is offered by Safety Direct America for a limited time at close to half of its previous price! A roller-coaster type of dynamic floor slip resistance tester, SlipAlert’s (now known as the iAlert – same tribometer with […]

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Many Polished Concrete Floors are Slippery when Wet

Can polished concrete floors be slippery when wet? Several web sites say yes, but others (mostly polished concrete vendors) say no, it only looks that way. A study of polished concrete published by the American Society of Concrete Contractors (ASCC) in Concrete International shows wet dynamic coefficients of friction (DCOF) as measured by ANSI A137.1 […]

A Review of Standards for Pedestrian Slip Resistance Testing

There are a number of floor slip test methods established by standards-setting organizations that assess pedestrian slip resistance. Here we’ll review the most widely known and current ones. They are distinguished by the devices used in the testing. Terms such as DCOF rating, coefficient of friction, slip coefficient, slip resistance rating, and friction coefficient all […]