SlipAlert Dynamic Floor Friction (DCOF) Test Instrument for $2380!

The SlipAlert dynamic coefficient of friction (DCOF) tester has been in wide use for many years but now is offered by Safety Direct America for a limited time at close to half of its previous price!

A roller-coaster type of dynamic floor slip resistance tester, SlipAlert’s (now known as the iAlert – same tribometer with a different name) friction measurement was modeled after the physics of the pendulum DCOF slip tester, which is a national floor slip resistance standard in at least 50 nations. The American pendulum test method is ASTM E303-22. SlipAlert was favorably reviewed by the British Government’s Health and Safety Executive (HSE). It was so effective and well-respected, in 2008 it was incorporated into British Standard 8204-6.

A cast-iron cart rolls down a ramp and onto the floor surface, rear wheels off the floor. The rubber slider under the cart acts as a brake as the cart pulls to a stop. The farther the cart travels before stopping, the greater the “slipperiness” of the floor. The test can be conducted wet and dry and takes only a few seconds.

The reading on the SlipAlert counter is related to the British Pendulum Number and the safety standards in effect for that device since 1999 that apply to over 40 different situations (swimming pool decks, outdoor stairs, restrooms, etc.) The DCOF rating given by this device is backed by the 50 years of research and testing done around the world using the pendulum DCOF tester.

SlipAlert is very robust and durable, extremely simple to set up and operate, and makes a test run in a matter of seconds. And this new model is rechargeable — no batteries needed. Weighing just 26 pounds in its roller case (including the 10-pound cart), it is easily transported in car, subway, or aircraft.

The photographs below show the cart and its ramp; a close-up of the SlipAlert cart; the undercarriage with its rubber (slider or test foot) brake; SlipAlert nestled in its case; and the case ready for travel. Also shown is an excerpt from the British Standard.

We don’t know how long this great price of $2380 for a new SlipAlert floor slip tester will last, so order your SlipAlert today! Phone us at 1-949-933-6971.

SlipAlert (iAlert) Tribometer and Ramp
iKnow Slip Meter

SlipAlert Tribometer close-up

Undercarriage of SlipAlert, showing slider brake

Undercarriage of iAlert (SlipAlert), showing slider brake

SlipAlert iKnow Slip Meter - Tribometer

SlipAlert (iAlert) Tribometer in its supplied case

Excerpt from British Slip Resistance Test Standard using SlipAlert

Excerpt from British Slip Resistance Test Standard using SlipAlert Tribometer

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