SparkleTuff Outdoors on Level Surface and Stairs: 30-second video

The video below shows an outdoor level surface and stairs at a large mall, coated with transparent SparkleTuff™ Anti-Slip. A pedestrian walks down the stairs, which are partially wet from the previous day’s rain.

With a material cost of about a dollar a square foot, SparkleTuff™ has excellent wet slip resistance by all respected test methods, and has Sustainable Slip Resistance as defined by the McDonalds Restaurants test. This means that it will retain its wet slip resistance after hundreds of thousands of people have walked across it. Only one coat is needed! And sun exposure is no problem.

Here’s the wet slip resistance of SparkleTuff™ by all the accepted test methods, compared with the minimum safety criterion for each test:

Wet slip resistance of SparkleTuff™ Anti-Slip from Safety Direct America

Higher numbers indicate greater slip resistance. The table shows that SparkleTuff™ exceeds all the safety criteria. Not only that, but wear simulating 1–2 years in a busy McDonalds only reduced the Pendulum Test Value very slightly (63 down to 61) — indicating a long economic life cycle for SparkleTuff™ on most floors.

When dry, SparkleTuff™ has the same slip resistance as an NBA basketball floor.

SparkleTuff™ is widely used to remediate epoxy, tile, stone, pool deck, tub, bathroom, shower, polished concrete, glass, outdoor plaza, and cruise ship floors, and adheres well to virtually all surfaces. If it begins to show wear paths it can be touched up without removing the initial coat. SparkleTuff™ lets the beauty of the floor beneath shine through. It’s so clear you can read a newspaper through it. Looks great — no slips!

SparkleTuff™ Anti-Slip at a large outdoor mall. Some puddles and wetness remain from the day before.

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