Safety Direct America Calibrates Pendulum Skid Testers from Far and Wide

Like any scientific or engineering instrument, the pendulum skid tester (also sometimes called the British pendulum or pendulum slip tester) should be calibrated at least once annually. Safety Direct America, a subsidiary of Sotter Engineering Corporation, is the leading calibrator of pendulum skid testers in the Americas.

Alignment of the vertical shaft (level bubble) and pendulum arm are first checked by an ISO-accredited laboratory. We then calibrate using British and European Standard BS EN 16165:2021, which is more recent, detailed and rigorous than the very old method in ASTM E303 and BS 7976-2:2002. The photo below shows some of the apparatus that we use in the procedure. The calibration is conducted in Mission Viejo in southern California.

Pendulum Calibration Rig

We have calibrated pendulums for clients in Singapore, Canada, throughout the USA and beyond. They include forensic experts, testing laboratories, state agencies, and major tire manufacturers. The current charge is $980 plus shipping and new parts, if needed. Minor adjustments are included in the standard charge.

When your pendulum needs its routine calibration, send it to us! Please call John Sotter at 949 933 6971 for details.

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