America’s Floor Slip Resistance Testing Experts

We’ve tested flooring for the dynamic coefficient of friction (DCOF) and slip resistance all over North America and beyond for around 1,000 individual clients so far as America’s leading independent third-party certified floor friction test lab. We don’t lie in court for slip and fall lawyers (like those who mainly use the Brungraber Mark IIIB, which has no ASTM standard, and no standard in any other country on earth as well), and the English XL tribometer (which has a withdrawn ASTM standard, and no standard in any other country on earth), and we don’t help major American tile manufacturers and floor polishers sell slippery tile and stone to unsuspecting consumers (which is what ANSI A326.3 was designed to do).

We just test floors for slip resistance to get architects, building owners, flooring designers and flooring manufacturers the truth based on internationally-accepted, peer-reviewed science so they can avoid costly slip and fall accidents on properties, and allow people to make informed decisions so they can avoid installing a slippery floor problem. Here’s some photos of us doing floor slip resistance testing around North America and beyond:

SEA airport floor slip resistance testing

Testing Floor Slip Resistance for the State of Washington at their Seattle/Tacoma airport

Floor Friction Testing in Las Vegas

Floor Friction Testing in Las Vegas, Nevada. They love polished floors in this town, and we’ve tested several of them. We’ve tested plenty of pool decks here, too


Pendulum floor slip resistance testing in Boston – train station, private school pool deck, hotel lobby stairs, etc.


Testing with the pendulum DCOF tester on a pool deck in a multi-million dollar home in Beverly Hills, CA. This pool deck was later featured on an episode of the show Modern Family


Testing DCOF with the pendulum slip tester in an automobile manufacturing facility under construction for a major American automobile manufacturer in Chihuahua, Mexico

Splash Pad and Water park pendulum Slip Resistance Test

Testing the Floor Slip Resistance of a Splash Pad and Water park using the pendulum Slip Resistance Test in Kansas City, KS


Strolling along the streets of New York City on my way to do some pendulum floor friction testing for a major cell phone and computer manufacturer

Phoenix ASTM E303 pendulum DCOF testing

Testing a “Cool Pavement Coating” for the City of Phoenix, AZ using the ASTM E303 pendulum DCOF test

Pool Deck Pendulum Slip Resistance Test

Testing a Pool Deck for Slip Resistance after the application of SparkleTuff Anti-Slip Floor Coating in San Francisco for the University of California

Jet Bridge Slip Resistance Testing

Testing the Slip Resistance of Jet Bridges in an international airport that has been having slips when these areas get wet

Testing floor slip resistance in Florida

Testing floor friction to find the slip resistance of stairs, big box store restrooms, and pool decks on cruise ships all over Florida


Testing floor slip resistance with the BOT-3000e for one of the “big box stores” in Phoenix, AZ. The BOT-3000e, however, shouldn’t be relied upon for getting reliable slip resistance test data on most polished floors, especially polished concrete


Testing stairs with the pendulum tester for a United States Naval Hospital (in the early days of covid-19 when N95 masks were in short supply). We’ve also tested for the U.S. Space Force


Testing a new parking structure with the pendulum tester at LAX International Airport


Testing flooring for slip resistance with the pendulum tester in a mayonnaise factory near Chicago, IL. The look on my face here is because I abhor mayonnaise, and was forced to spend the day surrounded by it

Pendulum Floor Friction Test for City of San Francisco

Testing Floor Friction on bricks of various ages and textures for the City of San Francisco down Market Street

Floor DCOF Testing in Parking Garage

Floor DCOF Testing in a Parking Garage under construction somewhere in the Midwest of the USA many years ago


On the way to test a basketball court for slip resistance using ASTM F2772-11 with the pendulum tester on Bainbridge Island in the Seattle, Washington area

Need your floors tested for slip resistance using reliable, peer-reviewed and internationally-accepted test methods by America’s experts in floor friction testing? Email us to get a quote for field slip resistance testing at your location, or peruse our lab floor slip testing methods.

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