Slippery Tub Solution

Do you have a slippery tub or shower? Chances are you do!

Historically, outdated and unreliable slip resistance test methods were used to determine the slipperiness of tubs in the United States, leading to virtually every tub sold being treacherous to use while wet. Slips and falls in tubs and showers often lead to horrible accidents as people slip and bonk their heads on the faucet, break through shower glass doors, and too often lead to death by drowning! You need a slippery tub solution. The Anti-Slip Floor SuperStore at Safety Direct America offers the two best slippery tub solutions available:

  1. Aqua-Safe Non-Abrasive Anti-Slip Tape: available in small round 1.5″ white discs, and 6″x24″ tub stickers (available in clear, white, gray, black and beige). We also carry coarse non-abrasive aqua-safe anti-slip tape for situations where great grip is of the utmost importance. These tapes install easily and are a perfect fix for your slippery tub or shower pan.
    Anti-Slip tape tub stickers - white discs Non-Abrasive anti-slip tape treads
  2. SolidStepCote Clear Abrasive Anti-Slip Coating: this is a water-based, crystal-clear abrasive anti-slip paint that you simply apply with a paint roller to the slippery surface. It dries in a few hours and will put an end to your slippery tub problem. We even sell a ready-to-use kit which includes a paint tray, roller, and the anti-slip tub coating pre-mixed and ready to apply.

SolidStepCote anti-slip floor coating kitEither of these slippery tub solutions will quickly and easily provide you with peace of mind when your loved-ones are in the bath, and create a much safer environment for when you’re scrubbing away the day.

We also offer professional services to make baths and showers anti-slip in hotels and cruise ships. We can apply our anti-slip coating and then provide certified test reports showing that your tubs have been made non-skid for your records.

Don’t wait until you’ve had a serious accident in your slippery bath – make your bath or shower anti-slip today by purchasing one of these great products from the Anti-Slip Floor Superstore.

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