Non-Abrasive Aqua-Safe Anti-Slip Tape


Non-abrasive anti-slip (non-skid) floor grip tape with an embossed surface that is less aggressive than Safety-Grip abrasive anti-slip tape but kinder to bare skin. Good for use in food safety areas. See our Coarse Non-Abrasive Aqua-Safe tape if you’re looking for great slip resistance in a bare foot tape for showers, tubs and boats. We don’t recommend this Standard Aqua-Safe tape for areas that need great slip resistance. For those areas, we highly recommend Coarse Non-Abrasive Aqua-Safe. Here’s more information on our non-abrasive Aqua-Safe anti-slip tapes.


Easy to apply: peel-off adhesive backing. Non-abrasive anti-slip (non-skid) floor grip tape built to last for any indoor or outdoor use. Helps assure ADA and OSHA compliance. This anti-skid tape is made for use around water, is easier to clean, and is kinder to bare skin than our standard abrasive anti-slip floor tape. However, our Coarse Resilient Non-Abrasive Aqua-Safe tape is much more slip resistant than our standard Aqua-Safe tape. We recommend only that product for use in baths, showers, boats, and other areas that needs really good slip resistance. This standard Aqua-Safe has some slip resistance, and it’s good for use in food preparation areas where cleanliness is of the utmost importance. But if you’re looking for a truly anti-slip tape, we recommend our Coarse Resilient Non-Abrasive Aqua-Safe tape for almost any situation imaginable. Here’s more information on the two different non-abrasive anti-skid tape types.

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