SparkleTuff™ Anti-Slip Floor Coating Preserves Rich Color of Stamped Concrete

An earlier entry in this blog showed Safety Direct America’s exclusive SparkleTuff™ transparent anti-slip floor and tub coating on a simulated terra cotta tile deck that was made of stamped concrete with two coats of color wax. The SparkleTuff™ makes the surface slip-resistant and preserves the color wax for years, instead of it being washed off by a few rainy days.

The two photos below show a simulated brick stamped concrete in a different color and stamping patterns. Both areas are coated with SparkleTuff™ anti-slip floor coating. The photo on the right (at the photo’s top) shows the surface as it looked before adding fresh color wax and SparkleTuff™. This stamped concrete is 45 years old.

These surfaces will maintain their beauty for decades under low residential foot traffic. SparkleTuff™ easily passes the McDonalds Restaurants test for Sustainable Slip Resistance, which means it will maintain its wet slip resistance after well over 1,000,000 people have walked across it. Looks great, no slips!

Stamped concrete with Sparkletuff anti-slip floor coating Sparkletuff anti-slip coating on concrete

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