Outdoor Test Shows Cleanability of SparkleTuff™ Transparent Anti-Slip Floor Coating

In order to demonstrate the cleanability of transparent SparkleTuff™ (“Sparkle-tough”) Anti-Slip floor coating, we placed seven contaminants on the surface of a porcelain tile coated with SparkleTuff™, as shown in Fig. 1. They are, clockwise from top left, black coffee (a long patch): cabernet sauvignon red wine; yellow mustard; mud from amended adobe (clay) soil; Cholula hot sauce; Heinz chili sauce; and extra virgin olive oil. A U.S. penny is included for scale. The tile was then left in direct bright sunlight at approximately 90°F for four hours.

Figure 2 shows the sample after two hours. After four hours the appearance hadn’t changed, and the sample was then  cleaned. Running tap water alone removed most of the contaminants. Rubbing with bare fingers with tap water for about 30 seconds removed the remainder. The mustard left a very faint stain (Fig. 3) that was removed using Spray’n Wash laundry stain remover.

SparkleTuff™ Anti-Slip Floor Coating not only has very durable wet slip resistance, but is easily cleaned. A neutral flooring cleaner is typically used when needed. Abrasives such as rotary pads shouldn’t be used as they could grind off the coating or polish down the grit. SparkleTuff™ Anti-Slip Floor Coating looks great — no slips!

Anti-slip floor coating repelling stains

Fig.1. Placement of stains at start of test

Anti-slip floor coating after two hours

Fig. 2. Sample after two hours in sunlight at 90°F

Non-Skid Floor Coating after repelling stains

Fig. 3. After four hours in sun and cleaning with tap water and bare fingers

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