Use Anti-Slip Floor Tape Strips Wisely

Anti-slip abrasive or non-abrasive floor tape strips have a place in a slip reduction plan, but they must be used judiciously. Figure 1 shows a long ramp to restrooms in a popular (and pricey) restaurant. The floor material is the same for the whole ramp, but inexplicably the anti-slip floor tape strips are only at the top and bottom and furthermore are worn out. The cost of these non-skid tape strips is about $3 each — much less than even one broken hip.

A better idea would be to use SparkleTuff™ transparent anti-slip floor coating, which would show off the beauty of the wood and yet prevent slips anywhere on the ramp, not just the top and bottom. There would be no space for slipping in between strips. (We can’t expect pedestrians to look down and place their heels on anti-slip tape strips every time.) Cost of the SparkleTuff™ anti-slip floor coating is about $1 per square foot. It can be walked on after curing for eight hours. Looks great — no slips!

Figure 1. View from the top

angti-slip tape strips
Fig. 2 Strips at the bottom
non-skid floor tapes in hallway
Fig. 3. View from the bottom

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