Enhance and Preserve Your Stamped Concrete with this Clear Anti-Slip Floor Coating

Stamped concrete in various colors can be a cost-effective way of making a property look good and increasing its value. The concrete can be made to resemble tile, cobblestone, brick, slate, flagstone, etc.

To keep the material looking fresh it needs to be “waxed” periodically using colored wax. There is labor and material expense involved in waxing, and several coats may be needed for best appearance. The wax can make the surface slippery when wet and thus hazardous. Another problem is that often after a few heavy rains the wax has been worn off and it’s as if the wax had never been applied.

Now there’s a way of locking in the wax by protecting it against foot traffic and rainfall while making its color even more vibrant.

Coating the wax with SparkleTuff™ transparent abrasive coating adds a sparkle and gloss that brings out the color and makes the surface slip-resistant wet or dry. The photos show an example.

SparkleTuff™ Clear Anti-Slip Floor Coating passes the McDonalds Restaurants test for Sustainable Slip Resistance, meaning it can maintain its wet slip resistance after more than 1,000,000 people have walked across it. The waxed stamped concrete is no longer slippery, and maintenance cost is greatly reduced. Slip resistance test data, using various slip test methods, proves this coating is ideal for any indoor or outdoor area. This non-skid, clear, glossy, gritty coating can be applied virtually anywhere, and lasts for many years, even in the most demanding environments. Looks great — no slips!

Stamped concrete with anti-slip floor coating Non-skid floor coating on concrete


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