Beware of Rugs and Carpets that have a Slippery Backing!

It seems to be a thing now for manufacturers to use a cheap slippery backing on rugs and carpets, and expect the buyer to notice the hazard and mitigate it before there’s a slip and someone gets hurt. This doesn’t always happen in time, and serious injuries can result. These injuries often could have been avoided by using $2 worth of double-sided carpet tape, available from numerous sources. (Although not from us.)

Carpet tape to avoid slips and falls

Door mats and small area rugs can be the culprits. The photo shows a 6’ x 9’ rug from one of the big box stores that has backing that slips easily on the bamboo floor. Most of the rug was held in place by heavy furniture, but one corner needed to be restrained by double-sided tape. Application of the tape took about two minutes.

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