Physical Therapist’s Glowing Endorsement of SparkleTuff™

Our clients and their information are confidential. Many parties don’t want it known that they have had slippery floor problems — it tends to bring claimants (legitimate or fraudulent) and their lawyers out of the woodwork. However, one SparkleTuff™ user, a physical therapist, was so pleased she volunteered to let us use her comments. She is Lisa J. from Pennsylvania and since she gave her permission we will release her gmail address to those who ask us for it. She has had SparkleTuff™ on her floor for over a year.

On June 23, 2020 Lisa J. said

“I just want to let you know that we couldn’t be happier with your product! WOW! It was super easy to apply and the results are amazing!

“Our shower is made of Corian (walls and floors), and although it is really easy to clean (no grout to worry about) it is slippery when wet, it has become a worry. I researched several possible solutions, including replacing the floor (super expensive), and finally found Safety Direct.

“I was initially a little concerned that it would be too shiny but that is not the case. I will say that the floor is now truly anti-slip and perfect!

“We recommend this product wholeheartedly.

“Thanks so much,

Lisa J———

“PS- Also, I am a physical therapist and very concerned about balance and safety and will be sure to recommend this to others. Please feel free to share this email endorsement publicly if you would like.”

Over a year later, in July 2021 we asked Lisa if she was still happy with SparkleTuff™. Her reply:

“Very happy! Feel free to give potential buyers my email address.

“Good luck to you, and thanks,

Lisa J——-“

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