Anti-Slip Bath and Shower Coatings and Tapes

Got a slippery shower or bathtub? These are pretty dangerous places to have a slip and fall accident with all the glass doors, fixed metal faucets, and mirrors around! Chances are you won’t end up with a sore butt when you have an accident in the bath, but you will be headed for a hospital stay (if you’re lucky)!

At Safety Direct America, we’ve got all the answers to this slippery problem you will need, both do-it-yourself or commercial solutions. We can add no-skid treatment to your commercial bath or shower with our professionally applied and monitored abrasive SparkleTuff Anti-Slip Floor Coating or our SolidStepCote abrasive clear anti-slip bath coating. Both of these commercial and industrial solutions are backed up by certified slip resistance testing after application, providing you with official test reports that can be taken with you to court in the case of a fraudulent slip and fall claim. We use the latest official test method — ASTM E303-22 — to certify that your baths and showers are now anti-slip. “It’s not what you know, it’s what you can prove” in court that matters.

For residential customers, we offer both anti-slip tapes to solve the problem and do-it-yourself clear anti-slip abrasive floor coatings. Both anti-slip bath solutions will leave you with a non-skid bath and can be easily applied by anyone. We mostly recommend our exclusive SparkleTuff Anti-Slip Floor Coating or Coarse Resilient Non-Abrasive Aqua-Safe Anti-Slip Tape for tubs and showers. Both of these do-it-yourself solutions have been tested here in our slip resistance test labs, so if you follow the directions and correctly apply the products, you will know that not only is your shower or bath now anti-slip and non-skid by testing it with your feet, but you can also rest assured with peace of mind that the solution you picked to solve your problem has been tested in a certified testing lab as well.

Don’t wait for a scary slip in your bath! Let us help fix your slippery bath problem at Safety Direct America.

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