Your Questions About SparkleTuff™ Transparent Anti-Slip Floor Coating

Since Safety Direct America introduced its popular transparent anti-slip floor coating, SparkleTuff™, in September of 2016, we’ve fielded questions from thousands of prospective customers. Here are the most popular ones.

1. Will it adhere to my flooring (epoxy, vinyl, wood, tile, marble, granite, glass, etc.)?

Yes. We have yet to find a flooring type that SparkleTuff™ will not adhere to. You do not need any primer.

2. What floor preparation is required?

The floor need only be clean and dry to apply SparkleTuff™. No further preparation is required!

3. How is it applied?

SparkleTuff™ is a two-part mixture that has a “pot life” of 75 minutes in which it must be applied once it has been mixed. A video on our web site (see bottom of that page) shows how to apply, and written instructions are included with each shipment. You must use the roller cover that we supply (included), which was developed abroad especially for SparkleTuff™ to give the proper slip resistance. Here’s more detailed information: SparkleTuff™️ Instructions – mixing & application

4. What’s the smallest kit I can buy?

A small inexpensive kit including roller and tray will cover about 25 square feet, for instance 5 ft x 5 ft. (Larger quantities cost about $1 per square foot.) Many people apply the smaller kit as a test before applying to much larger areas.

5. What is the slip resistance wet and dry?

The wet slip resistance of SparkleTuff™ by various tests, together with minimum safety standards, is shown below. The dry slip resistance is the same as required of an NBA basketball court.

sparkeltuff anti-slip floor coating slip test results

Note that the McDonalds Restaurants Sustainable Slip Resistance test (last column above) is passed with a big margin to spare! This implies a long life in a busy McDonalds restaurant customer area.

6. How soon can I get it?

SparkleTuff™ usually ships by ground from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA. We stock limited quantities in southern California for faster delivery in the local area.

7. Can I have it shipped to me by air if I pay the extra freight?

Yes. It’s simplest if we can use your UPS or Fed Ex account number to make the process fast and easy. However, if you don’t have such an account we can use ours after checking on what the charge will be for the delivery that you need (next morning, three-day, etc.). Ground shipping on orders over $120.00 are free.

8. How long does SparkleTuff™ last?

There is no time limit on SparkleTuff™ — with low foot traffic it could retain its wet slip resistance for a hundred years.

SparkleTuff™ passes with flying colors the McDonalds Restaurants test for Sustainable Slip Resistance. This means that it will retain its wet slip resistance after well over a million people have walked on it in shoes. In barefoot areas it will last even longer!

9. Is it resistant to sunlight?

Yes. SparkleTuff™ is not damaged by, or discolored by, ultraviolet.

10. What is the VOC content?

There are no volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) in SparkleTuff™. Its VOC content is 0.0 grams per liter. It has no volatile inorganic compounds (like water, for instance) either.

11. Can I see the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) or MSDS?

You can. Here is the SparkleTuff Anti-Slip Floor Coating SDS for both Part A and Part B.

12. If it shows signs of wear, can it be touched up?

Yes. You can apply more SparkleTuff™ on wear paths without removing the original coat.

13. What does it look like?

There are several videos on our web site showing SparkleTuff™ from many angles and under different lighting conditions. Worth more than millions of words!

14. Are there approved installers?

SparkleTuff™ is a do-it-yourself product, and anyone who can paint with a roller can apply it. They should first watch the installation video at the bottom of the page and follow the one-page written instructions that come with the product. Hundreds of people have successfully done this since 2016. This includes homeowners, commercial painters, and factory maintenance personnel among others. 

SparkleTuff™ is cheaper than a broken hip! Looks great, no slips! Order some on our web site today. You’ll sleep better knowing that you’ve solved your slippery floor problem. Don’t wait for a lawsuit to happen!

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