Slip-Resistant Testing

Slip-Resistant Testing

Ever worried about your business being liable for someone slipping on your floor, or slipping on the concrete by your pool? Slipping can be dangerous and can severely injure someone. Falls are the leading cause of nonfatal injuries with an average of 13,000,000 accounting for 35% of injuries in the last recorded year. That’s why at Safety Direct America, we have our lab do floor slip resistant testing to make sure our products are safe for your everyday needs and for your business to stay safe against lawsuits.

BOT-3000E Slip Resistance (COF) TesterOur expertise in slip resistant testing and our equipment are unmatched. When testing, we use road skid resistant and sustainable slip resistance testing services and instruments. We are one of the only certified government agencies that has the approval process for testing slip resistant flooring.

You can send your flooring samples to us, Safety Direct America, to test the coefficient of friction, or safety standards for slip resistance, of your flooring using the British pendulum and the Tortus tribometers. The reason for these tests is that some industries in the United States are required to have slip resistant floors, even though the Occupational Safety and Health Administration does not require a slip test or safety standard for flooring. We also sell discounted slip resistant test instruments if you would like to test the flooring yourself. We sell the British pendulum, Tortus, and Slip Alert testing equipment.

2 inch anti-slip grip tapeAnother product to make your house or business more slip resistant is our anti-slip tape. Our tape can be used for any situation and be put on any surface. Another product is the abrasive anti-slip floor coating which can be applied by one of our professionals, or you can do it yourself! Our anti-slip paint is also another great option that can help your floor be more slip resistant and can be applied by anyone.

Make your floors more slip resistant and contact us today for more information.