Self-Adhesive Abrasive Anti-Slip Floor Tapes

Easy to apply anti-slip floor tape with a peel-off adhesive backing. All of our floor grip tapes are great for use in wet situations! Built to last and great glue for any indoor/outdoor use – stairs, ramps, showers, steps, industrial applications, etc, etc.. You’ll find our shipping rates on tapes and paint-on do-it-yourself clear abrasive anti-slip floor coatings ridiculously simple and cheap. Orders over $119 ship free!! Express shipping available – call for a quote. We also carry NON-ABRASIVE ANTI-SLIP GRIP TAPES for tubs, showers, and boats. Custom sizes available. Contact Us now to discuss your slippery floor, bathtub and shower issues. We’re here to help!

Safety Grip Abrasive Anti-Slip Floor Tape

These abrasive anti-slip floor tapes are the best in non-slip protection!

Anti-Slip Tapes for floors, tubs and pools

Standard Safety Grip Anti-Slip Floor Tape

6 inch x 24 inch rounded rectangular strip (black, gray and gritty clear only)$4.68

1 inch x 60 ft – $12.99; 2 inch x 60 ft – $25.98; 4 inch x 60 ft – $51.96; 40 inch x 60 ft – $499.00

Hazard tapes are $3 more per inch, and beige is $1.50 more than prices stated above

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Safety Grip Anti-Slip Anti-Skid Tape Colors

Bulk Pricing
Bulk standard anti-slip tape in black by the case [1 case = (48) 1″x60′ rolls, (24) 2″ rolls, or (12) 4″ rolls]: $499.99 + free shipping. Colors $30 more.

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Different textures of anti-slip tape

Here’s more information on the three different anti-slip floor grip tape grit sizes

COARSE Grade Safety Grip Anti-Slip Tape
(available in black and yellow)

Coarse non-skid tape colors

1 inch x 60 ft – $13.39; 2 inch x 60 ft – $26.78; 4 inch x 60 ft – $53.56; 40 inch x 60 ft – $519.60

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EXTRA-COARSE Grade Safety Grip Anti-Slip Tape
(available in black)

Extra-Coarse Anti-Slip Tape

1 inch x 60 ft – $18.67; 2 inch x 60 ft – $37.34; 4 inch x 60 ft – $74.68; 6 inch x 60 ft – $112.02; 40 inch x 60 ft – $716.79

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Also available:

Edge Fix: to further extend the life of anti-slip tapes. Helps protect tape edges from damage by stiletto heels and from water intrusion in highly wet applications. A small amount on the edge creates an excellent bond. Each tube can seal all edges of a 60 foot roll of tape. $26.97 per tube. This is not necessary for most applications. Here’s the MSDS.

Edge Fix anti-slip tape sealer

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Here’s a video showing our variety of anti-slip floor tapes:

Our non-skid tapes help assure ADA and OSHA compliance as well as adding safety to your home, boat, bathtub or workplace. Samples of our anti-slip tapes can be shipped to you.

Non-Abrasive anti-slip tape treads

Here’s a link to our NON-ABRASIVE ANTI-SLIP TAPES for bathtubs, showers, pools and boats. We also carry glow in the dark non-skid tape!

Don’t see what you’re looking for? We can cut you anti-slip tape in any size, color or shape you need from 3/4″ up to 46″ wide.Custom non-skid tapes

We can also order the sorts of items pictured above from our factory ($100 minimum order), make custom colors (on orders of 10,000 square feet or more), cut them into custom shapes (minimum order of 100 pieces), and print whatever you want onto all of our anti-slip floor tapes.

We also carry aluminum-backed, conformable anti-slip tapes for diamond plate and other irregular surfaces, and bolt-down aluminum anti-slip plates with coarse anti-slip tape already applied.

We also carry photoluminescent/glow-in-the-dark egress marking tapes.

Got questions or a special order? We’re here to help. Call now! 1-800-988-6721