Floor and Tile Slip Resistance Testing Lab: Fast Turnaround AND Low Prices

Safety Direct America makes a specialty of floor slip resistance (coefficient of friction) testing, offering both fast turnaround times and low prices. Here’s a comparison with our chief competitor, using ANSI A137.1 dynamic coefficient of friction testing (DCOF AcuTest) as an example:

Turnaround time                   Our price                             Their price

One business day                       $250                                       $400

3 business days                          $200                                       $300

2–3 weeks                                   We’re not that slow                 $200

We are certified to test floor slip resistance (COF) by the City of Los Angeles, and all of our skid test reports are signed and stamped by a state-registered Professional Engineer. We also conduct wide-ranging on-site floor slip testing from our southern California office: Canada, Mexico, Guam, Hawaii, New England, and Florida have been a few of our slip resistance test locations. All of our tests are conducted by U.S.-born American citizens fluent in English — the language in which the ANSI and ASME test methods are published.

BOT-3000E Slip Resistance (COF) Tester

The BOT-3000E used in ANSI A137.1 tile slip testing (DCOF AcuTest)

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