Financial losses from slip and fall accidents

Slip and fall accidents are the #1 reason Americans show up at emergency rooms, according to data from the CDC. Slippery floors are a silent epidemic in America, and lawsuits are filed daily across the nation involving major injuries and deaths from slippery floors.

Unless the negligent party is the victim’s employer, the victim of a slip and fall (or the victim’s heirs) may have an opportunity to regain losses and possibly punitive damages as well. The compensation might then include all or some of the following, both from losses already incurred and estimated future losses resulting from the injuries:

$            Medical expenses and/or death benefit

$            Pain and suffering

$            Loss of consort (companionship) by others (security, ego support, encouragement, feeling of well being, feeling of being useful and needed, etc.)

$            Economic losses from failure to complete real estate transactions, fulfill contracts, etc.

$            Decreased quality of life

           Loss of anticipation of future activities, pleasures or comfort (“loss of hope”)

$            Punitive damages

Punitive damages punish the negligent party for outrageous conduct and thus discourage such conduct. Other than punitive damages, though, the items above are to reimburse the victim financially for losses that are both financial and emotional. This can’t always work, since money doesn’t really solve every medical or emotional problem. Having a high-loss slipping accident is not like winning the lottery. For both the victim and the defendant, it’s better if the injury doesn’t happen. Anti-slip floor coatings, non-skid tapes, and floor slip resistance testing services from Safety Direct America can help prevent slips and avoid charges that negligence caused the injuries.

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