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Making Stairs Safe Utilizing Anti-Slip Grip Tapes and Anti-Slip Coatings

Stairs can be a major safety concern if they are not designed or maintained properly. The potential for falls and slips on stairs can be reduced by using anti-slip tape near the noses of the stairs, or using an anti-slip coating to cover stairs made with slippery materials, such as polished stone. In this blog […]

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Making Your Stairs Safer

An important part of ensuring the safety of stairs is making sure the steps are clearly visible. This is especially true for commercial properties, but can also be crucial for private homes — particularly if the occupants are visually impaired to some extent. These outdoor stairs at a civic building are quite easy to see […]

Let’s be Careful on Stairs!

Accidents on stairs can be serious and even fatal. We need to be attentive and play it safe. Always hold the handrail or (if you fear colds and flu) keep a free hand close to the handrail so you can grab it at any time.  Hand sanitizer can help reduce the chance of getting sick, […]

The Five-Second Check of Stair Rise and Run

Because falls on stairs can cause especially severe injuries and even deaths, building codes for stairs are very stringent. When we use stairs that are properly constructed, we can walk with ease and converse at the same time, nearly unaware that our feet are performing a rather complex operation. Ease and safety depend on each […]