Let’s be Careful on Stairs!

Accidents on stairs can be serious and even fatal. We need to be attentive and play it safe. Always hold the handrail or (if you fear colds and flu) keep a free hand close to the handrail so you can grab it at any time.  Hand sanitizer can help reduce the chance of getting sick, or you can run your wrist along the handrail instead of your hand. Watch where you’re going — don’t make eye contact with your companions. At home, never store or display objects on the stairs.

stair safety
This senior may have osteoporosis and should never stray from the handrail.

handrails on stairs safety
Don’t upset a companion’s equilibrium while on stairs
Dog with woman on stairway
Dog (bottom center) on leash on busy spiral stairway, handler not watching where she’s going. Any hazard here?

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