Slip Resistance Tested Anti-Slip Floor and Tub Tapes

Testing has shown that when a person’s heel slips more than three inches, the person is 50% likely to fall. To be safe, you should be sure that people on your property do not slip more than one and a half inches on your flooring, especially in dangerous areas such as stairs. Perhaps the cheapest and easiest way to alleviate slippery floor issues is with anti-slip tape. For stairs, we recommend that unless local regulations require otherwise, you place a 2″ wide anti-slip tape contrasting color strip less than one inch from the nose of each stair.

Different textures of anti-slip tape

We carry various widths and twelve different standard colors for any situation. Our standard anti-slip abrasive tape comes in standard, coarse, and extra-coarse, allowing for different situations where snow, mud or grease may be present. We also have non-abrasive anti-slip tapes that are made for getting wet on a daily basis…for showers, tubs, boats, and locker rooms in two different grades of coarseness.

Coarse Non-Abrasive Anti-Slip Tape in gray

For situations such as stairs, concert venues and stages, you may want people to be able to see the exit route in case of a power outage or low light. We have glow-in-the-dark anti-slip tapes for those situations that are recharged by natural or artificial light. Looking for an anti-slip tape that workers will be standing on all day? We have the answer — it’s called Cushion Grip Anti-Slip Tape, which combines a cushioned surface with excellent slip resistance.

2 inch anti-slip grip tape

Conformable anti-slip tape can be hammered into place on diamond-plate and other irregular surfaces. We also carry ready-to-install anti-slip plates made of aluminum that can be installed onto stairs with a few screws. These plates come standard with our “coarse” black abrasive anti-slip tape.

For large orders, we can custom make your non-skid tapes — matching colors or cutting them into shapes or any width needed. All our tapes have been tested for slip resistance, so install them and know you have fixed the problem without a doubt with our safety data.

Various anti-slip floor treatments and non-skid floor coatings are available as well, but anti-slip tapes offer an easy, quick, inexpensive way to anti-slip flooring areas that are slippery when wet with water or get otherwise lubricated.

We also specialize in floor slip resistance testing all over North American and beyond using reliable slip resistance test methods.

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