Anti-Slip Abrasive Floor Coatings You Apply

Sophisticated chemical treatments that increase wet floor slip resistance without changing appearance need to be applied by an expert using expensive ($6000) instruments for testing the slip resistance. Chemical strength and treatment time are varied to get the optimum benefit for a given floor with little or no effect on appearance. For a small area (say, a home bathroom or a commercial kitchen) the cost may be prohibitive. Fortunately, transparent products are available that anyone can apply and still retain the beauty of the flooring.

There are two brands: one recommended by the influential AARP Magazine, by far the world’s largest circulation (24 million) magazine; and a newer product that is even easier to apply and more versatile. Both are available from Safety Direct America. They are shown on SDA’s web site as “DIY [Do-It-Yourself] Abrasive Coatings.”

STOPit!, featured in AARP Magazine, is a three-component clear coating, with clear abrasive, that is supplied with application roller and tray. It’s available in kits for 18-20 square feet each kit. Prices start at about $40 per kit.Clear anti-slip floor and tub coating

SolidStepCote DIY Abrasive Anti-Slip Floor coating is also a clear coating with clear abrasive. It comes in three grades: 02 where appearance is of paramount concern; 03 for almost any surface; and 04 for highly risky situations where grease or mud is likely present. Whichever grade you choose, two coats are recommended for best results and years of durability. The first coat dries in a half hour, and then the second can be applied. Allow 24 hours for full cure before subjecting the surface to heavy use or standing water. Clean hands, tools and spills with soap and warm water.

The three grades of SolidStepCote. Areas between the three are uncoated

The three grades of SolidStepCote. Areas between the three are uncoated

SolidStepCote is available in six sizes from 8 oz (for two coats on 11 square feet) up to five gallons (two coats on 875 square feet). Delivered cost of the coating starts at $1.15 per square foot.

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