Slippery Epoxy Garage Floors – SparkleTuff™ Anti-Slip Floor Coating to the Rescue

Our transparent abrasive anti-slip floor coating, SparkleTuff™, has been applied to hundreds of different kinds of floors, and we have yet to find a surface to which it won’t adhere. However, based on the number of frantic phone calls we get, home garage floors that have been newly coated with epoxy (or polyurea or polyaspartic floors) seem to be the most popular application. All that’s required is that the epoxy be clean and dry. No further preparation of the floor is required. Anyone who can paint with a roller can apply our SparkleTuff™ Anti-Slip Floor Coating.

SparkleTuff™ Anti-Slip Floor Coating makes ANY floor safer!

Contractors who apply epoxy often make some attempt, unfortunately too often misguided, to increase the slip resistance of the epoxy with Shark Grip and other grits. However, they usually have no reliable way of measuring the slip resistance of the slippery epoxy floor. The pendulum slip resistance tester is the best instrument for this job.

When you apply SparkleTuff™, slip resistance testing is not necessary. The pedestrian walks on the SparkleTuff™ clear floor coating, not on the floor, and the wet and dry slip resistance of the coating is documented. It’s well above all applicable safety standards and is very durable. You can apply SparkleTuff™ to your epoxy floor with confidence! You can also apply it to anything! Slippery tubs, showers, outdoor walkways, pool decks, ramps, and the list goes on and on. Order some today!

SparkleTuff Anti-Slip Floor Coating

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