Recommended Slip Resistance Test Package


The ANSI A137.1 slip test (also known as DCOF AcuTest) and the pendulum DCOF test together for one low price. This will give you two separate reports to discover the actual slip risk of your flooring sample, as well as provide documentation as to whether or not it meets the latest IBC building code. The Recommended Slip Test PLUS Wear Test adds on the Sustainable Slip Resistance Test, which will subject your flooring to a simulated accelerated wear (equal to 1-2 years of very heavy foot traffic), after which another pendulum DCOF test will be performed.



The vast majority of our slip resistance testing clients need to know the results of the ANSI A137.1 slip test (also known as the DCOF AcuTest) for building inspectors and code compliance. However, this test only applies to indoor, level surfaces and is fairly easy to pass. It’s also not based on a great deal of real-world slip and fall research. The pendulum DCOF floor slip test has been in use for 50 years and is used in 50 countries, making it the most reliable test method for discovering the truth in regards to actual pedestrian slip risk. We offer these tests together at a 10% discount. Having the results of these two tests will give you a much more extensive and rounded idea of the actual slip risk of your flooring than any one test alone would give you. We also offer the option to add an accelerated wear test to the package, where we will perform an accelerated wear on the flooring (equal to 1-2 years of heavy foot traffic) and then test again with the pendulum DCOF test.