New Anti-Slip Floor Design Guidelines Aid in Safe Floor Selection

After consulting with many experts in the USA and abroad, including Safety Direct America, Specialty Architectural Products (SAP) in Toledo, Ohio has distributed four-page design guidelines (Design Guide – Anti-Slip) for floor slip resistance testing. The Slip Resistance Test Guidelines are intended to help building owners, architects, interior designers, specification professionals, and graphic designers, mainly in North America.

Slip resistance test methods recommended by the Guidelines include the pendulum tester and ANSI B101.3, which prescribes use of the BOT-3000E digital tribometer. Safety Direct America offers floor slip testing using both these devices, although we recommend only using the pendulum test results to assess safety. Turnaround time for laboratory tests is normally less than three business days. We can test at your location based on time and expenses, and have tested floors in every corner of the USA and beyond. Slip test instruments are also offered for sale by Safety Direct America.

Among other product lines, SAP is the North American Sales Manager for Jockimo, which has an extensive line of indoor and outdoor glass flooring shown to have good wet and dry slip resistance through rigorous testing by Safety Direct America. The three photos below show some Jockimo outdoor installations, all with wet Pendulum Test Values of 36 to 40 or higher. From left, there’s an etched glass walkway at New York’s JFK Airport that illuminates the terminal area below; a glass-grit bridge in San Clemente, CA that lets light through to endangered vegetation beneath it; and a fritted glass surface (in front of the bench) at a Chicago Transit Authority station that helps illuminate the station’s lower level. Click on any photo to see it at larger size.

Jockimo outdoor JFK glass grit San Clemente bridge glass grit Chicago Transit fritted glass

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