Slip Test Experts = who we are

Who we are: we have been testing floors and flooring for over 15 years and are a certified floor slip resistance testing laboratory for the City of Los Angeles, as well as licensed Professional Engineers. Hardly a large cruise ship in the world gets built without consulting us as we are consultants to the two biggest cruise ship companies, as well as countless other large, well-known companies.

We think of ourselves as a one-stop shop for all slippery floor issues. Firstly, we can test your floors to see if they indeed are slippery when dry or wet, and provide you with a certified test report signed and sealed by a Professional Engineer. Most floors are only slippery when wet, but there are plenty of floors out there that are slippery dry as well — for instance, because of grease or dust. We hope to catch slippery flooring BEFORE it is laid down on the floor, and we can then help you find flooring that is appropriate and anti-slip enough for your particular situation. If your flooring is slippery and in situ (already in place), then we have a bunch of ways we can help make them anti-slip.

We have a chemical treatment called Non-Slip 21 which has been in use in the USA for over 10 years (and 15 years in Europe) and has a huge list of big-name clients that have used this service. We can also sell you a do-it-yourself abrasive floor coating for your entry foyer, pool deck, or shower which can be painted onto the surface by you or your maintenance staff. We offer anti-slip tape, both abrasive and non-abrasive, for any situation. Lastly, we can re-test your floor to make sure it passes the most modern and relevant test standards, assuring you have done everything to make a bad situation good again. The key word is to show that you are not negligent.

In the case of an accident, we offer expert witness services as well. We highly recommend periodic (annually, quarterly or even more often in some cases) monitoring of your floor’s slip resistance to show due diligence. We can do that for you, or sell you your own slip test instrument so that someone on your staff can do their own testing.

Got a slippery floor problem? Look no further…we can help!