Safety Direct America is Still Running at (almost) Full Speed

At this writing the death toll of Americans from COVID-19 is over 34,000. With the world upside down, the last thing you need is to have a slip-and-fall accident. Falls cause 28,000 premature deaths in the USA every year. Most of these deaths (some of which occur prematurely but months after the fall) are due to slippery floors and are preventable.

Safety Direct America and our suppliers are in operation full time to help you prevent slips. Our products are still available with short delivery times. We are still conducting laboratory and field tests of slip resistance — but for the time being, on-site tests are limited to those that do not expose our personnel to airports, planes, hotels, and other situations where people are together in a small space. Under normal conditions we test anywhere and have in the past conducted tests in Japan, Guam, Bermuda, Canada and Mexico, as well as throughout the USA. This we will resume as soon as is feasible.

On our premises, we continue to calibrate pendulum skid testers for clients in the USA, Canada, and Asia.

Health isn’t everything, but it’s way ahead of whatever’s in second place. We wish you and your loved ones good health!

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