Preventing Slip and Fall Accidents

There may be a lot of funny videos swirling around the internet showing people slipping and falling. But in truth, it’s not funny at all! In fact, falling from the “same level” and falling to “lower level” were the second and third highest injury causes of disabling workplace injuries in 2011.
Naturally, you’d want to avoid these types of injuries by being extra careful. But then again, it’s not enough to tiptoe around constantly. You must find a way to minimize and remove all chances of getting injured.

Floor Slip Resistance Testing

You can achieve that with the help of Safety Direct America. We provide floor slip resistance testing (DCOF rating) services as well as anti-slip and non-skid slippery floor solutions for all types of flooring. We can run slip resistance tests in both the lab or at your site using the BOT-3000E, modern British pendulum tester, and Tortus which are the most useful and reliable floor friction testers to aid in accident prevention.

Anti-Slip Products

We have anti-slip tape for every situation, as well as glow in the dark egress tapes. We provide do-it-yourself paint-on abrasive anti-slip floor coatings that you can apply to almost any surface especially accident-prone areas like bathtubs, showers, kitchens, and boats. We also have do-it-yourself anti-slip floor and anti-slip bath treatment products for commercial properties. Call or email us to discuss how we can make your floor or hotel/cruise ship baths anti-slip.


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