ANSI B101.3 DCOF Slip Resistance Test

The ANSI B101.3 dynamic coefficient of friction test utilizes the BOT-3000E digital tribometer and has research based on the German ramp method of slip testing floors to back up the results and safety standards. This test method was allowed to expire around 2017, and now the manufacturer of the BOT-3000E recommends using ANSI A326.3 instead. ANSI B101.3 is recommended mainly for indoor flooring and rates the slip resistance of samples into three categories: “high slip resistance”, “increased probability of slipping”, and “higher probability of slipping”.

The charge is $265 per sample. Turnaround time for laboratory testing is usually 2-3 days. You can pay by credit card, Paypal, send a check with your sample, or wire transfer. We need to know the name of the client (for the purpose of the report), how you would like the sample named, and we need an email address to send the report promptly. Your report will be certified and stamped by a registered Professional Engineer. You can also pay for the test online by clicking the “Pay Now” button below, and then just send the info along with your samples (carefully packed) to:

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